[Research Promotion] End-of-life communication practices in Hong Kong

TopicEnd-of-life communication practices in Hong Kong
About the researchCommunication is an important part of the work people do in all care services. This research project is exploring how training, mentoring and education can be improved to support the communication skills of end-of-life care workers. The research is aimed at all people working in end-of-life care services in Hong Kong (including social workers, volunteers, clinicians). This research is funded by a grant from the University Grants Council of Hong Kong. All research activities will be conducted in Chinese.
Principal InvestigatorDr Margo Turnbull
Recruitment detailsWe are recruiting research participants who are adults working in end-of-life care settings in Hong Kong (either in paid or unpaid/volunteer posts).
Registration link Link to survey
Enquiries (email)Dr Margo Turnbull: margo.turnbull@polyu.edu.hk
Dr Carol Yu: wm-carol.yu@polyu.edu.hk
Link to the centre research project pageResearch and Projects – International Research Centre for the Advancement of Health Communication (IRCAHC)
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