HKSPM Newsletter 2021 Issue 1 May

Newsletter of Hong Kong Society of Palliative Medicine
May 2021 Issue 1
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Message from Chairman, HKSPM

Caring in the seasons of visiting restriction
Dr. NG Sheung Ching Jeffrey
HKSPM Newsletter 2021 May Issue 1 p2-3
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Education seminars and meetings
HKSPM Newsletter 2021 May Issue 1 p3
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Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS): Restatement of the Position of the Hong Kong Society of Palliative Medicine
Dr. LAM Wai Man
HKSPM Newsletter 2021 May Issue 1 p4-5
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Patients’ concerns extracted from the narrations of their life stories and the roles of the facilitator in conducting life review
Dr. KWAN Wai Man Cecilia
HKSPM Newsletter 2021 May Issue 1 p6-11
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Palliative Medicine Doctors’ Meeting

A gentleman with interstitial lung disease
Dr. HO Chun Wing
HKSPM Newsletter 2021 May Issue 1 p12-18
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Cluster Inter-hospital Palliative Care Consultation Service – How can it help?
Dr. POON Yin
HKSPM Newsletter 2021 May Issue 1 p19-22
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Brain Metastases – Symptomatic Management and Oncological Treatment
Dr. WONG Ka Ming Iris
HKSPM Newsletter 2020 May Issue 1 p23-27
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Refractory Lymphoedema of Head & Neck Cancers: What are the Palliative Care Options?
Dr. LI Chi To Kevin, Dr. MOK Ka Wai Alice
HKSPM Newsletter 2021 May Issue 1 p28-32
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Internet resources relevant to Palliative Care (PC) and COVID-19

The World Health Organization (WHO)
Integrating palliative care and symptom relief into responses to humanitarian emergencies and crises: a WHO guide 2018
Providing palliative care during the COVID-19 pandemic Experiences from Spain (2020) (produced by WHO/Europe)

International/ regional PC professional associations
– Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network (APHN) Covid-19 Resources
– European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) Coronavirus and the palliative care response
– International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC) Resources relevant to Palliative Care and COVID-19
– Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance (WHPCA) WHPCA partner resources for COVID-19
– European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Introduction to the ESMO COVID-19 Palliative Care Pathways

National PC professional associations
Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland COVID-19 and Palliative, End of Life and Bereavement Care in Secondary Care – Role of the specialty and guidance to aid care (22 March 2020) pdf file – this guidance covers areas including symptom control, discussions about goals of care and clinical decision making in respiratory failure.
– Centre to Advance Palliative Care, USA (CAPC) CAPC COVID-19 Response Resources
– National Hospice and Palliative Care Organisation, USA (NHPCO) COVID-19 Information
 eHospice, under NHPCO Free COVID-19 Shared Decision-Making Tool(19 March 2020)
 eHospice, under NHPCO Managing breathlessness in Covid-19 (25 March 2020)
– Palliative Care Australia COVID-19 Updates
Palliative Care Autralia Statement on COVID-19

Palliative care related publications with OPEN ACCESS
COVID-19 Collection. Journal of Pain and Symptom management
– BC Centre for Palliative Care Guidelines. Symptom management for adult patients with COVID-19 receiving end-of-life supportive care outside of the ICU (22 Mar 2020)
– Brooks SK, Webster RK, Smith LE, et al. The psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce it: rapid review of the evidence. Lancet 2020; 395: 912-20.
– Nouvet, E., Sivaram, M., Bezanson, K. et al. Palliative care in humanitarian crises: a review of the literature . Int J Humanitarian Action 3, 5 (2018).
– Downar, James et al. Palliating a Pandemic: ‘‘All Patients Must Be Cared For’’  J Pain Symptom Manage 2010 Feb;39(2):291-5. doi: 10.1016/j.jpainsymman.2009.11.241.
Coronavirus (COVID19). JAMA network
Palliative Care Considerations for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease under COVID-19 American College of Cardiology (ACC)
– Ting Ruth, Edmonds Polly, Higginson Irene J, Sleeman Katherine E. Palliative care for patients with severe covid-19 BMJ 2020; 370 :m2710
– Daisy J. A. Janssen, Magnus Ekström, David C. Currow, Miriam J. Johnson, Mathew Maddocks, Anita K. Simonds, Thomy Tonia, Kristoffer Marsaa. COVID-19: Guidance on Palliative care from a European Respiratory Society International Task Force. European Respiratory Journal Jan 2020, 2002583; DOI: 10.1183/13993003.02583-2020

Palliative Medicine Doctors’ Meeting 2021-5-25

Date25 May 2021 (Tuesday)
Time6:00pm – 7:30 pm
Topics1. The palliative care journey of a young adult with life-limiting neurodevelopmental disorder marching from Pediatric to Adult Clinics
2. Hypoglycemia in an advanced cancer patient – as her first, her last and her only symptom
PresentersTuen Mun Hospital
United Christian Hospital
RegistrationRegistration Form
Deadline: 20 May 2021

[Event promotion] 14th Asia Pacific Hospice Conference

The 14th Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Conference will be held virtually for the first time on 13-14 Nov 2021. Exciting lectures and workshops are coming your way!

Event14th Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Conference
Date13-14 November 2021 (Saturday, Sunday)
FormatOnline Conference
OrganiserAsia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care network
Hospice Palliative Care Japan
Conference Website
Call for abstracts
Deadline: 26 April 2021 (Monday)

[Event Promotion] HKSCPC Live Webinar Annual Symposium 2021

Event Hong Kong Society of Children Palliative Care Annual Symposium 2021

Date 13 March 2021 (Saturday)

Time 2:00pm – 5:15pm

Venue S.K.H Holy Carpenter Church Community Centre Hall
4/F, 1 Dyer Avenue, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Format Online (zoom) & In-person (30 quota – first come first serve)

Organiser The Hong Kong Society of Children’s Palliative Care
S.K.H. Holy Carpenter Church District Elderly Community Centre

Deadline for Registration: 12 March 2021

[Event Promotion] HKPDF Professional Talk – Practical approach to managing non-motor complications of Parkinson’s Disease for the non-neurologists

Event HKPDF Professional Talk: Practical approach to managing non-motor complications of Parkinson’s Disease for the non-neurologists

Date 1 April 2021 (Thursday)

Time 6:00pm – 7:00pm (HK time)

Organiser Hong Kong Parkinson’s Disease Fund

Speaker Prof. K. Ray Chaudhuri (UK)



Registration Deadline: 19 March 2021