HKSPM Newsletter 2018 Issue No.2


P02 – Editorial
P04 – Sharing on 22nd International Congress on Palliative Care
P06 – Advance Directives in Hong Kong
P09 – Care of Motor Neuron Disease (MND) patients in local settings: Palliative Perspective
P12 – Managing convulsion in palliative care patients when oral and intravenous routes are not the option
P16 – Fulfilling patients’ wishes: dying in the place of choice
P19 – Promises and caveats of immunotherapy
P22 – Re-irradiation — from palliative care perspective
P26 – Coping with Living-Dying
P29 – The final journey of a lady with end stage heart failure
P32 – Membership Application / Renewal Form
P33 – Education Seminars & Meetings
P34 – Message from SPHC